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All-cotton elastic cloth making life and the development of industry

Changzhou Haoyuyang Textile Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 20, 2015

Cotton stretch fabrics are made of positive longitudinal and opposite longitudinal-and-law to certain combinations of the coil configuration form. Cotton stretch fabric both sides of the coil is not on the same plane, on each side of the coil vertical lines adjacent to each other. Many different types of cotton elastic fabric, depending on the both sides of the coil varies with the number of vertical lines, usually with combination of numbers representing both sides of the coil vertical lines, such as the 1+1 rib, 2+2 or rib 5+3 rib, rib can form different appearance styles and properties of fabrics

Cotton stretch fabrics smooth smooth, elastic uniform vertical sense good! suitable for all types of outdoor hiking apparel fabrics and dresses fashion fabrics. And jeans at the time of production will almost certainly join the material, which is why jeans will be the public's pants, almost everyone the reason to buy several pairs of jeans. And now stretch fabric prices start circuit, will keep the small and medium enterprises to purchase level, and would need this to turn the textile industry in the future.

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