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China international textile industry if we would be supported on elastic fabric

Changzhou Haoyuyang Textile Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 20, 2015

Now we have great changes in the international, because everything is showed a rising trend is to make a problem for our textile industry and even began to slow, and the biggest problem is the problem of fabric, because of its price fluctuations, the increase in production costs. The internal and external environment facing the textile industry this year is expected to very complex, the textile industry will speed up the transformation and upgrading in the market forced. And in the development of clothing fabric is also necessary to make the appropriate changes, and this change is material must be new material, such as stretch fabric is a very good material.

Stretch cloth due to it can let clothes and pants became has stretch of effect, so it of sales aspects also is quite good of, and this stretch cloth of price yiqian is compared high, what jeans above will stretch cloth, so it can led we textile industry of development, these material are is clothing and textile industry by must need of material, as long as we can keep live these must material of price and production volume, such industry on not appeared too big of panic.

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