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Elastic cloth of green textile industry for us to play a leading role

Changzhou Haoyuyang Textile Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 20, 2015

Now we are 21 times the highest number is green. Because environmental problems lead us to the possibility of future disasters has increased tremendously, and this increase is cause we human beings cannot live on Earth, so it is very necessary to advocate and implement ecological. And in the textile industry is the need to think.

General of textile production manufacturers improve ecological protection, makes products from design, and production, and sales to using, until last processing of whole operation are for has change, in this change of standard is green environmental, and on harmful material of limited more strictly, some fabric in production of process in the will think if made to wear in we body will brings disease words, so this clothes on cannot production, General of market above compared good of fabric are is through national by detection recognized of, like stretch cloth, cotton,, These are more good fabrics, the price is not expensive, just stretch fabric clothes worn with no it out is completely different, that's the biggest difference.

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