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Innovation of bamboo fiber textile weaving

Changzhou Haoyuyang Textile Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 20, 2015

Textile raw material price volatility, rising labor costs, financing and power shortage and other factors, "free up the chain, to develop new products, improve product value-added" has become the consensus of upstream and downstream enterprises of textile industry chain. Among these, the advent of the bamboo fiber, no doubt provided powerful support for the textile industry.

1514 textile enterprises above designated size according to the National Bureau of statistics showed that first half 2011 industrial sales value increased by more than 23%, export value grew 24.87%, profit indicators showed an increase of 31.64%. So 2011 national textile industry maintained growth momentum in the first half. Join bamboo fiber network to understand, since June, a downturn trend in the textile market, one is sold and there is no demand in the same period in previous years; the second is the decline in exports, high costs of factors of production led to a rapid rise in production costs, poor product price transmission. 2011 sharp fluctuations of cotton prices, rising production costs, based on the above situation, cotton spinning enterprises investing in the development of new fibers, new material, new technology, and strive to develop new products, home textile enterprises to open up the market to provide more choices, enhance product added value.

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