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Textile industry is due to account of elastic fabric

Changzhou Haoyuyang Textile Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 20, 2015

In recent days, there have been great changes of China textile industry, and this change is because it has the addition of a new material, is elastic, elastic cloth was welcomed by customers, have sold in large quantities on the spot, clothing accessories in general are sold.

In recent days since the textile Expo effect manifests itself around customer contacts over the pitch, mainly the stretch fabric is mainly used to pants above and those who use leisure pants above, polyester and polyurethane elastic composite fabrics and parts coated silk elastic fabric, sold in small, mainstream and has been popular products for sale and total trade volume fell again. Recent days, textile city filaments of elastic fabric, fell again after a few days on the overall market trend, overall performance is stable. Since the days of using this material for clothing, deals continue to size each other now, total turnover in a few days but is still dominated by rose. Among them, imitation silk light textile lining fabric sold in small, occasional orders traded in large quantities. Textile accessories in clothing and decorations needed two days overall deal with decline and subsequent recovery trend, accessories in the market overall in good condition. So the lighter fabrics in the textile industry issues is the.

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