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Why is inseparable from the fabric of the textile industry where it was decisive in the

Changzhou Haoyuyang Textile Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 20, 2015

Now we are inseparable from the fabric of the textile industry, and the fabrics that we need material for making clothes, sometimes a dress requires a lot, such as our most common fabric, cotton, cloth, there are high-end silk. And cloth stretch cloth is a good material, as long as we think it can occur during use of new features. For example, this fabric will be available for spring, and repellent effects can appear in the summer.

(1) is impregnated clothes with repellent lotion or solution, so infection can achieve the desired effect.

(2) the use of polymer surface treatment, so that the resulting film will be repellent adhesive on top of fabric.

(3) microcapsules fixing agent or other cross-linking agents make the microcapsules on mosquito repellent is firmly attached to the fabric fibers.

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