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Woolen fabrics increase local sales continued

Changzhou Haoyuyang Textile Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 20, 2015

Recently, the China textile city, traditional market although the summer downturn, woolen fabrics increase local sales continued, creative fabric highlights for fall/winter. Woolen fashion fabric hanging like local increase of listed species, thin fabric and thick-fabric interaction, local increase of spot market, trading volume in the stock in small, order shipment of some counterpart breeds locally increased in recent days sold increased creative fabric sold in autumn and winter the local increase, dominated by stable prices.

Woolen cloth in light of local marketing, and wool fabrics and wool/rayon fabric, pins, departments increased, wool 10% to 20% in autumn and winter, caramel and thin type interact with thick fabric, camel fabric in local bulk shipments, local army green color fabric small quantity shipments. Hemp grain, hemp flowers in autumn and winter, hemp grey, pepper and salt and thin products interact with thick fabric, light grey, medium grey, Heather grey color fabric of local small quantity shipments. This series of fabric with polyester FDY, DTY, POY and multiple chemical fibers, viscose staple fiber raw materials, 10% to 30% of wool to wool fabrics, prices for popular consumption demand, some of the new fabrics are relatively high. Duplex, T/R polyester adhesive double-sided polyester wool, wool-polyester adhesive double-sided deep camel, black color fabric Department, small quantity shipments.

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