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Yarn-dyed crepe and what are the difference between dyed sucker?

Changzhou Haoyuyang Textile Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 20, 2015

Yarn-dyed sucker, is on the bubble, bubble principle was inconsistent through two warp tension between, after making yarns in woven fabrics, yarn tension difference between different parts, after washing and finishing, more magnified the effect, so that the fabric evenly forming a bubble effect.

Yarn-dyed crepe, are generally weft of Crape, principle of creping is done by weaving weft in zonal according to certain proportions when you join elastic yarn, between the weft creping because return different results, after finishing, Crape effect will be more pronounced. These two fabrics are often confused as a kind of fabric, but in fact there is a difference.

1, from the sparkling/crepe principle distinction sucker because the warp tension is inconsistent between bubbles, and crepe is inconsistent because the elasticity of the yarn shrinkage.

2, differentiated from the bubble/crepe, bubble cloth is generally subject to bubbles, crepe is zonal shrinkage.

3, differentiated from use, sucker using a wide, generally used for pajamas, shirts and outerwear fabric crepe with relatively limited, mainly for women's shirts and skirts.

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