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Bedding Jacquard Fabric Description And Difference

Changzhou Haoyuyang Textile Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 17, 2017

Bedding classification in the "twill printing" "active printing" "sanding printing" "jacquard" "Silk Jacquard" fabric description and difference

First of all to note that this 5-minute fabric are twill fabrics, the difference is as follows:

40 twill jacquard fabric: fabric width of 2 meters 3, by the dye configuration, printed on the cotton made a variety of color patterns, belonging to the first weaving after dyeing the traditional dyeing process, bright color, many colors. Cotton fabric will have a slight shrink, can not afford the ball, not frivolous, but if the fabric color is darker, in the first time when the water may fall off the color.

60 active printing fabric: fabric width of 2 meters 5, are high-grade combed cotton, the first after dyeing process, the choice of imported dyes, environmental protection technology printing and dyeing. Fabric color is more bright and pure, pure cotton fabric will shrink slightly, can not afford the ball, regardless of the color depth, do not fade.

60 pieces of wool jacquard fabric: fabric width of 2 meters 5, are high-grade combed cotton, this fabric in the post-processing process, the sanding treatment, so that the fabric surface showing a certain cashmere feeling, improve the fabric feel. So what is it? Grinding, also called matte. A process of grinding a fabric with a short, dense pile of mattresses (or tapes) is called matte, also known as sanding. Can make warp and weft at the same time produce fluff, and short hair and dense. Suede smooth, feel full, soft, full of cashmere feeling, soft luster, no aurora. Matte fabric fluffy, thick, warm and good performance, in the cold night to sleep, there is no other cotton and the human body when the cold contact. At the same time can not afford the ball, do not fade and so on. A set of four pieces of sanding weight is a set of ordinary four sets of 2 times.

60 jacquard fabrics: jacquard fabrics are high-density high-density fabric, flower pattern directly through the loom weaving out, it through different forms of organization, the different parts of the pattern to show. Jacquard fabric pattern three-dimensional sense is relatively strong, flower level is rich. Jacquard fabric feel soft, good gloss.

60 silk cotton jacquard fabric: There are two kinds of cotton fabric: one is silk thread and cotton yarn intertwined, one is the viscose fiber and cotton yarn intertwined. Silk and cotton yarn intertwined, not only to reflect the soft and smooth silk, but also reflects the cotton personal and comfortable, the performance of cotton and silk organic integration, thereby enhancing the use of fabric grade and grade. Viscose fiber and cotton yarn intertwined, the appearance of viscose and silk appearance of the effect is almost the same, but with a better feel, gloss and breathability, so that the application in the fabric more and more widely.

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