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Blend Fabric Main Classification

Changzhou Haoyuyang Textile Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 09, 2017

Blended that blended chemical fiber fabric, chemical fiber and other cotton wool, silk, linen and other natural fibers mixed spinning woven into the textile products, both the style of polyester and cotton fabric strengths, such as polyester and cotton cloth, polyester and wool up and so on. Blend is divided into wool blended fabric, sheep rabbit hair spinning, TR fabric, high density NC cloth, 3M waterproof mousse, Tencel (TENCEL) fabric, Rouesi Si, TNC fabric, composite fabrics.

Main classification

Wool blended

The purpose of blending is to reduce the cost of woolen fabrics without reducing the style of the woolen fabric due to the incorporation of viscose fibers. Adhesive fiber mix, will make the fabric of the strong, wear, especially anti-wrinkle, fluffy and many other properties significantly worse, so the combed wool fabric viscosity should not exceed 30%, carded wool fabric viscose fiber content Should not exceed 50%.

Sheep rabbit hair spinning

Rabbit wool blended wool fabric is a relatively fast development of a product. Blends not only improve the spinnability of rabbit hair, but also improve the fabric style, increase the color varieties. Rabbit hair can make the fabric feel soft than pure wool fabric, and the appearance of the fabric to produce silver-like luster, but also the use of wool, rabbit hair coloring different, dyed two-color, unique style.

Rabbit hair light, low strength, with the poor, spinning difficulties. Hair removal content can only be about 20%, and the need for high-grade wool blended with them. Its blended products are high-grade coats, tweed or fine wool knitted fabric.

2.TR fabric

Large use of lattice or strip or flash or monochrome T / R fabric production stand collar jacket, lapel jacket and casual wear, is one of the characteristics of love.

T / R fabric is made of polyester and viscose blended fabric. Polyester and viscose blended is a complementary strong blending. Polyester is not only cotton, wool, and medium long. Wool fabric commonly known as "fast bar". When the polyester is not less than 50%, this blended fabric can keep the polyester firm, anti-wrinkle, dimensional stability, washable and wearable characteristics. The incorporation of viscose fibers improves the air permeability of the fabric, improves the resistance to porosity, and reduces the pilling and antistatic phenomena of the fabric.

Polyester / viscose blended more than 65/35 or 67/33. Polyester / Blend is the same as polyester / stick. This kind of blended fabric is characterized by smooth and smooth fabric, bright colors, strong sense of hair, feel good elasticity, good moisture absorption; but no longer hot.

3. High density NC cloth

Gaomi NC fabric with nylon (nylon) and cotton yarn blended or interwoven a fabric, the warp and weft density, the general use of flat tissue. The product combines the advantages of nylon and cotton yarn. Nylon wear resistance of natural fiber and chemical fiber in the first, nylon moisture absorption is good, its wearing comfort and dyeing performance than polyester, so nylon and cotton yarn blended or intertwined will not reduce the moisture absorption of cotton yarn and wear comfort , Nylon lighter, and cotton yarn heavier, the two intertwined or blended, can reduce the weight of the fabric. The elasticity of nylon is excellent, blended with cotton yarn or intertwined to improve the elasticity of the fabric.

NC fabric shortcomings are: because the nylon involved in the intertwined or blended fabric heat resistance and light resistance is poor, in the course of the use of attention to washing, ironing to meet the conditions to avoid damage. Its most significant style features: easy to wear, soft and comfortable, easy to clean. Do not sunscreen, not wring dry.

4.3M waterproof mousse cloth

The fabric is made of modern latest technology - "new synthetic fiber" that is ultra-fine fibers as raw materials woven high-density fabric, soft to the touch, smooth and delicate; the fabric has more than ordinary times numerous fine hairiness, high countless times the surface area And the pores, so the fabric has a lot of dust, oil, decontamination capacity. The fabric also uses the latest US 3M brand waterproof glue, after a special processing, so that 3M molecules of micro-materials to penetrate into the fiber fabric, both with good waterproof performance, without affecting the fabric breathability and moisture permeability. The fabric is popular in Europe and the United States, is widely used in clothing to go.

Its characteristics: the appearance of fine, plump, with microvone sense, but the eyes can not see the villi; glossy soft and elegant; feel soft, smooth, delicate; warm touch; cloth fluffy and flexible. Carefully dry clean, not wring dry.

5. Tencel (TENCEL) fabric

Tencel, a new viscose fiber, also known as Li A Sai Le (LYOCELL) viscose fiber, its trade name Tencel.

Tencel is based on the use of ammonium oxide solvent spinning technology, and the previous method of making viscose fiber is completely different. Due to solvent spinning technology, with the previous viscose fiber preparation method is completely different. Because the solvent can be recycled, harmless to the ecological, also known as the 21st century viscose fiber. Tencel ingredients for the fiber diesel, the production of raw materials for the trees in nature.

Tencel main features are: high wet strength (even higher than the cotton fiber) wet modulus than cotton high. With good viscose fiber hygroscopicity, and synthetic fiber as high strength. Tencel fabric size stability is better, less water shrinkage, fabric soft, silky luster. When there is temperature, the tencel fabric will expand, it seems like a barrier, can be in the rain and snow invasion at the same time, still maintain its permeability, in the silk fabric with natural fiber-like comfort. Tencel production of clothing, clothing succinct, a variety of ways can be cleaned, still remain soft, not variant. Hand wash, do not use bleach, dry, can not be wring dry.

6. Rousai Si

Rousai Si for 70% silk and 30% organic silk spinning blended fabric, mostly used to produce bedding. It has a soft silk, smooth, shiny, but also with the organic silk to mention the comfort, high strength, breathability, warmth.

7.TNC fabric

The fabric uses high-tech fiber, that is, super fiber (nylon, polyester) and high-count cotton yarn compound, that is, three-in-one composite fiber woven the latest popular fabrics. The fabric combines the characteristics of the three fibers of polyester, nylon and cotton yarn. It has the advantages of three kinds of fibers, good abrasion resistance, good elastic recovery rate, good strength, delicate and smooth, comfortable and breathable, novel and chic , Is the ideal clothing fabric. Can be dry cleaning, not wring dry.

8. Composite fabric

Composite fabrics are made of ultrafine fibers in specific textile processing and unique finishing, and then processed by "composite" equipment. Composite fabric with the application of the "new synthetic fiber" high-tech and new materials, with many excellent performance (compared with ordinary synthetic fiber), such as fabric performance fine, refined, elegant, warm, fabric appearance fullness, wind, Have a certain waterproof function, the fabric of the warmth is good.

As the composite fabric with ultra-fine fibers, so the fabric has a high cleaning capacity, that is, decontamination capacity. The fabric also has a characteristic: good wear resistance, ultra-fine fiber fabric feel soft, breathable, breathable, so in touch and physical comfort, has obvious advantages, ultra-fine fiber fabric wrinkle resistance is poor (this In order to overcome this shortcoming, so to take a "composite" process, which greatly improved the ultra-fine fiber fabric, the shortcomings of poor wrinkle resistance. Composite fabric is Europe and the United States popular jacket fabric.

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