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How Big Jacquard Fabric And Small Jacquard Fabric

Changzhou Haoyuyang Textile Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 02, 2017

As early as the ancient Silk Road, Chinese silk to jacquard weaving way to celebrate the world.

Jacquard from the original method of pick up the pot, from the Shang Dynasty unearthed in the fabric has been found jacquard pattern, this period of jacquard weave patterns are mostly linear type of rhyme pattern, the pattern, "cup" and These patterns are linearly styled with variant geometric shapes.

To the Qin and Han Dynasties, silk jacquard fabric pattern in the pre-geometric pattern on the basis of the increase of birds and animals, clouds and a small amount of plants and other flowers back to the pattern. To the Sui and Tang Dynasties, lotus, curly grass, writing students and other full shape, rounded large back to the plant pattern and so vividly appear in the silk jacquard fabric, plant patterns appear rich, rich style features, to the Song and Yuan Dynasties, silk jacquard fabric pattern Naturally smooth, delicate fine.

Jacquard and jacquard


Jacquard jacquard woven into a large pattern of tissue, jacquard completely organized the number of warp can be as many as thousands of roots. Most of the jacquard is based on an organization, and another pattern of patterns, such as plain flowers, satin flowers. Sometimes you can also use different colors of latitude and longitude yarn, so that the fabric presents a large pattern of color. Can also be equipped with different fiber types, yarn count and different warp and weft, made of various styles of jacquard fabric. Jacquard tissue is also widely used, commonly used in bedding, curtains, blankets and other textiles.

Jacquard fabric

Jacquard loom is through the needle to control the upper and lower movement of the warp of the law, the general 1400 jacquard practical needle is 1480 pin, that is, there are 1480 kinds of warp movement law can be controlled, which greatly increased Flower-shaped area.

Small jacquard

Small jacquard, in the fabric surface using two or more kinds of tissue changes and the formation of pattern of the organization, known as the small jacquard. Small jacquard is generally organized in plain. Small jacquard fabric than the jacquard fabric pattern is more fine, delicate, but also commonly used in high-end bedding, curtains and other supplies.

Small jacquard fabric

Small jacquard loom is to use the multi-arm to control the rise and fall of the heald frame, through the multi-arm of the blade on the heel of the rise and fall to determine the movement of the warfare, the general arms can only control 16 heald frames, that is, only 16 kinds of warp movement law can be controlled. Weaving pattern is relatively small, if you want to weave a large point of the flower pattern is only through the enlargement of the heddle and comprehensive recovery to achieve the import of small jacquard looms can control up to 24 heald frames. But it is rare, common is 16 and 20 pieces.

Jacquard flower cycle size, the main difference is the loom, small jacquard fabric generally multi-arm loom can produce, jacquard must be in the jacquard loom production.

Jacquard fabric is a tissue circulating warp can reach hundreds of root, need to use Jacquard weaving system. Small jacquard is woven by the multi-woven weaving woven fabric cotton fabric, or small pattern fabric, dox jacquard fabric.

Identification method

1 Type of opening mechanism:

Electronic arms: woven jacquard fabric, generally received by the electromagnetic absorption of industrial computer command power, control the brown frame lift.

Electronic jacquard faucet: weaving jacquard fabric, by the electronic needle to receive control of the industrial control machine to control the movements of each pass wire. General multi-arm loom of the heel in 16 to 20, the most common is the big jacquard faucet 2640 pin.

2 into the fishing mouth:

Multi-arm wear comprehensive, fabric structure in the wear principle: the floating sun weave the same warp yarns generally penetrate into the same page heap, but also can be inserted into different pages, and different intertwined warp yarn must be divided in different Page. To draw at least a crosscut.

Electronic jacquard fishing head are from left to right followed by fishing head. The above is the big, small jacquard production process in the basic situation to help understand.

3 jacquard fabric identification method:

One to determine the fabric by, weft;

Second, find a complete zonal cycle;

Third, to find out how many different movements of the number of warp yarns within a complete cycle;

Fourth, under normal circumstances the number of different warp yarns in the following 20 is a small jacquard, more than 20 is a jacquard above only preliminary judgment.

The actual process, but also the basic equipment configuration to analyze the company, such as a company dobha woven up to 16 sets of heald frames, then the weaving of different sports warp yarns have to use large jacquard weaving to weave, but also Taking into account the heel density of each piece of heel, because each piece of heald density is too large to lead to life is not good to do so. Such as the initial judgment with 20 different movement of the warp, the company is equipped with 20 integrated multi-arm loom, but the fabric caused by the density of each piece of heel density is too large, this time, to consider into the jacquard weaving The Practical work, whether it is to do the design or sales can be based on their actual situation to analyze and judge.

The difference between jacquard and other flower fabrics

1 printed fabric

Jacquard refers to the fabric in the process of forming the yarn according to different movement patterns intertwined pattern of textiles, is the yarn intertwined flowers, yarn color changes and different yarn movement with the production of different color blocks, The pattern of the pattern felt is mixed, three-dimensional, sensory.

The printed fabric is a fabric that is patterned with a pigment or a dye, which is flat.

2 embroidery fabric

Embroidered fabric is a very artistic pattern fabric, its needle method changes, no direction, the use of color freedom, and jacquard fabric by the latitude and longitude yarn, yarn arrangement rules, by different organizations produce limited color , The number of colors is limited.

3 rotten fabric

Burnt-out fabric is polyester-cotton core yarn or polyester-cotton blended fabric cotton fiber rotten with acid pulp, showing a transparent pattern of textiles, silk and rayon can also be woven into the fabric, with acid pulp rot To the artificial silk to show a thin pattern.

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