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Jacquard Fabric And The Difference Between Burning Flowers

Changzhou Haoyuyang Textile Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 02, 2017

The jacquard is woven out. Shuttle loom knitting machines and other mechanical weaving out of the pattern effect. Burning flowers also called rotten flowers. Is a chemical method to dissolve a kind of fabric ingredients, leaving another or several kinds of raw materials composition pattern.

Jacquard fabric fabric weaving with latitude and longitude changes in the formation of flowers, fine yarn, the raw material cotton requirements are extremely high. Can be divided into woven, warp knitting and weft jacquard. Weft knitted fabric horizontal, longitudinal pull when there is a good elasticity, warp and woven jacquard horizontal, vertical pull is not flexible.

Jacquard fabric and then dyeing and finishing, fabric products for the solid color; multi-color jacquard yarn-dyed jacquard fabric - first yarn dyed and then made by the jacquard weaving, and finally to clean up, so yarn-dyed jacquard fabric two More than the color, fabric color rich, not significant monotonous, three-dimensional pattern strong, higher levels. Cloth width of 2 meters 5 or 2 meters 8, cotton cloth has a small shrink, can not afford the ball, do not fade.

Burning flowers also called Burnt-out, is a printed one. Used for polyester / cotton or Kam / cotton fabric above, knitted fabrics are woven, Jacquard fabric woven fabrics used for shirts. Knitted this fabric for T-shirts.

Burning flower printing, also known as transparent processing, corrosion processing, Japan called carbonization printing. Is made of two kinds of fiber fabric, one of the fibers can be a chemical damage. While the other fiber is not affected; therefore, a chemical can be used to print the paste after printing, after appropriate post-processing, so that one of the fiber damage, they form a special style, transparent style Burnt-out printed fabric. Jacquard fabric In recent years, Burnt-out clothing clothing printing industry developed rapidly. Like cotton and nylon knitted coat printed by the rotten flowers, transparent flowers in the lining of the inner layer of color, rich three-dimensional, elegant chic.

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