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Jacquard Fabric Is Currently One Of The Main Fabric Production Of Bedding

Changzhou Haoyuyang Textile Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 02, 2017

Jacquard fabric is currently one of the main fabric production of bedding, the first contact with the bedding fabric friends believe that what is the jacquard fabric and jacquard fabric has what the characteristics are more strange now! Here will share for everyone in the end what is jacquard fabric.

What is jacquard fabric?

Jacquard fabric meaning

Jacquard fabric, fabric weaving with latitude and longitude changes in the formation of flowers, the yarn surprise; can be divided into woven, warp knitting and weft jacquard. Weft knitted fabric horizontal, longitudinal pull when there is a good elasticity, warp and woven jacquard horizontal, vertical pull is not flexible.

Jacquard fabric classification

Monochrome jacquard fabric, soft texture, delicate, smooth and unique texture, good gloss, drape and breathable, high color fastness (yarn dyeing). Large jacquard fabric pattern large and beautiful, clear color three-dimensional sense of strong, and small jacquard fabric pattern is relatively simple, more single.

The satin jacquard fabric, warp and weft yarns are interwoven at least once every three yarns, so the satin weave makes the fabric denser, so the fabric is thicker. Satin tissue products are more expensive than similar plain weave and twill weave products.

Jacquard fabric features

Jacquard fabric using jacquard weaving, warp cycle from hundreds to thousands of root or more, large and exquisite pattern, the color level of three-dimensional sense of strong.

Small jacquard fabric for the shop sub-flower fire small geometric patterns, with 16 to 24 pages of multi-arm loom weaving, due to the number of frames used by the restrictions, weaving pattern is relatively simple.

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