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Jacquard Fabric The First Choice For Fabrics And Bedding

Changzhou Haoyuyang Textile Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 09, 2017

Jacquard fabric is the first choice for clothing and bedding fabrics, in the usual purchase of textile products, we often listen to shopping guide to say that some bedding is jacquard fabric, jacquard fabric how good, but in fact a lot of people for jacquard fabric More unfamiliar, so what is jacquard fabric in the end it? Jacquard fabric and what kind of characteristics? Let us go together to understand it.

Jacquard fabric pattern is not an ordinary printing, nor is embroidery, but the use of yarn woven out. Jacquard fabric in the manufacture, the use of latitude and longitude structure changes, warp and weft intertwined with each other to form a different pattern, and ultimately the formation of flower cases, convex and so on, the yarn fine and needle line density is extremely high. Jacquard fabric can be divided into woven jacquard, warp jacquard and weft jacquard, which weft knitting tattoo vertical pull when the elasticity is excellent, and warp and woven jacquard vertical pull is no flexibility.

Jacquard fabric features

1, colorful, vivid: In general, jacquard fabric after a unique jacquard weaving process, the production of bedding color will be very rich, able to weave flowers, birds, fish, insects, birds and animals and other beautiful patterns, Do not have to worry about the pattern will be monotonous, floral pattern caused by, three-dimensional super, higher grade, such products spread to bed instantly will make your bedroom become magnificent, fashionable high-end.

2, in general, the quality of cotton yarn too can not weave the shape of the pattern, so jacquard fabric used in the raw materials are high-quality cotton, yarn weave to be more detailed, generally about 40s. So that the jacquard bed texture is more solid, feel more soft and smooth, wear-resistant, easy to deformation, washing is not easy to fade in the use of feeling more refreshing breathable, can bring you an extraordinary sleep experience.

3, monochrome jacquard fabric for the jacquard dyeing fabric, is jacquard woven weaving jacquard fabric, and then dyed from the solid color fabric. This kind of jacquard fabric with a soft texture, delicate, smooth and unique texture, its gloss, drape and breathability are better, color fastness is also quite high, can not afford the ball, do not fade. Like a large jacquard fabric, its pattern range is large and beautiful, color level, three-dimensional sense of strong, and small jacquard fabric pattern for a long time relatively simple.

4, multi-color jacquard fabric for the yarn-dyed jacquard fabric, is the first after the yarn dyed and then by the jacquard weaving made of multi-color fabric. It is and monochromatic jacquard fabric manufacturing process is just the opposite, so the final dyed jacquard fabric has more than two colors, fabric color, not like monochrome jacquard that is more monotonous, three-dimensional pattern Strong, looks more elegant. The most important is the multi-color jacquard fabric will not play the ball, nor fade, the course of time as new

Jacquard fabric in our lives is very common, it can be used for the production of high profile clothing and curtains, sand and other decorative materials, this unique jacquard technology can always add a touch of beautiful color products. The above is about the full introduction of jacquard fabric, I believe we have a deeper understanding of the jacquard fabric. Want to buy a good product, first of all have to understand it in depth, the saying goes, "know ourselves and know yourself," only to choose the most satisfied with the most satisfied with the product.

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