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Oxford Fabric Is A Versatile, Widely Used New Fabric

Changzhou Haoyuyang Textile Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 29, 2017

Oxford Fabric is a versatile, widely used new fabric, the current market are: sets of grid, full play, nylon, Tiga and other varieties. Oxford Fabric, also known as Oxford spinning, originated in the United Kingdom, Oxford University named the traditional combed cotton fabric, Oxford Fabric began in 1900 or so. The use of finer combed high-count yarn for double, and thick weft with weft flat tissue intertwined. Soft color, soft Fabric, breathable, comfortable, easy to wash quick-drying, mostly used for shirts, sportswear and pajamas and so on.

What is the difference between Oxford Fabric and canvas?

Oxford Fabric product varieties more fancy, plain, bleached, color by white latitude, color by color latitude, in the light-colored strip pattern; also use polyester-cotton yarn weaving. The relevant quality and performance of the fabric can be tested by the relevant testing equipment, such as the material tensile testing machine to test the tensile strength, the peel test machine to test the composite strength, the friction test machine to test the color fastness and the thickness of the thickness gauge.

Waterproof Oxford Fabric fabric waterproof function is mainly related to its production process and raw materials, but Oxford Fabric waterproofing is PA, PU, gypsum coating and PVC calendering, foaming and other finishing work, making Oxford Fabric texture Delicate, strong waterproof. Waterproof is just a post-processing, as long as you have a request, what fabric can do this treatment, out of the waterproof effect as long as the dyeing factory when adding a little waterproof agent can achieve results.

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