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Oxford Fabric - The Best Maintenance Of The Luggage Fabric

Changzhou Haoyuyang Textile Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 29, 2017

Oxford Fabric has been the outdoor fabric, and even the darling of the entire fabric. Why is this?

We know that the most common luggage fabric is nothing more than leather, PU / PVC leather, canvas, Oxford Fabric and so on. Luggage and beauty are the same need to maintain, beauty care old look, do not maintain look old Luggage maintenance is also new, not maintenance is also old and old

Speaking of maintenance, general leather, imitation leather luggage maintenance is the need for regular maintenance of oil, from time to time cleaning. And leather absorption and strong, real-time attention to pollution prevention, but also to protect the cortex, so as not to be Kennedy scratch. In addition, the leather is not environmentally friendly.

Then the canvas bag relative to the bag will be a lot of solid, but the canvas color fastness is not strong, easy to fade, was old.

Oxford Fabric bags even in the outdoors will not easily scratch, wear, stained with stains, with a soft cotton brush dipped in soap and water gently wipe, dry in the shade can be. In the maintenance process, the Oxford Fabric luggage for the first time in the water can add some salt or white vinegar soak for 15 minutes, low temperature hand wash, but also dry cleaning, do not exposure, the best dry.

Oxford Fabric solid wear-resistant, fabric a lot of advantages, more and more luggage suppliers, are focused on Oxford Fabric, whether it is light outdoors or extreme outdoor, Oxford Fabric has become the best choice for luggage fabrics, of course, it is good to win One of the keys.

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