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Printed Fabric Because Of Its Diversity And Fashion Sense Of Concern

Changzhou Haoyuyang Textile Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 24, 2017

How to clean the printed fabric? Printed fabric as a very high utilization of fabric, by the people's favorite. But the printed fabric and embroidery is different, easy to fade, out of material, from the fold and other issues, washing up a headache. How to clean the printed fabric? The following teaches you the correct print fabric wash program.

Printed fabric refers to the pattern or pattern of printing and dyeing on the textile, because of its diversity and fashion sense and concern.

How to clean the printed fabric?

First, the first corner of the printed fabric soaked, and then in the printing with a few white cloth wipe, such as white cloth stained color, indicating that the printing is fade.

1. Be sure to wash properly, do not soak, separate with cold water blew, install dehydration dry. Such as accidentally bleeding, immediately once again thoroughly rinse clean.

2. If conditions permit, you can send dry cleaning.

3. Do not accidentally get the edible oil, can be used as soon as possible with detergent scrub; industrial grease, with rosin or gasoline scrub, and then rinse with detergent and water (avoid using hot water).

How to maintain the printed fabric?

Salt water immersion method: the most suitable for color fading problems, there is a slight fade, then you can wash in each before the water, soaked with salt water for ten minutes, long to stick to it, the clothes will never fade.

Anti-dry method: most of the fabric clothes can not be directly exposed to the sun, because the fog is the culmination of the clothes fade, so not only in turn drying, try to avoid in the avoidance of ventilated place.

Printed fabric cleaning Note:

Printing series of normal use, normal maintenance, cotton water will appear after the fade phenomenon, this is normal, please wash with hand wash. Printing and dyeing of the taste, the sun drying sun like a dry air can also be, are the normal taste. A lot of crush to take machine wash or put into the laundry powder lead to printing fade.

1. bleach, bleach and 84 disinfectant have a bleaching effect, the color of the clothes must be used with caution, color bleach can be used for white and colored clothes, wash color protection function, drift the best Use a softener to soak for a few minutes.

2. Washing powder is now generally phosphorus and bleaching function, and will be reflected from the printing, resulting in printing off.

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