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Silk Linen Blended Fabric How To Stain

Changzhou Haoyuyang Textile Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 17, 2017

Silk linen blended fabric how to stain

Natural plant fiber linen and animal fiber Silk are easy to wash the fabric, usually can use a gentle hand wash, or even use the washing machine on the soft file washing. But remove the silk mixed with clothes on the stains need to remember several major points, Blend Fabric will not hurt the clothes at the same time, to achieve the desired stains effect.

Point 1: Do not use chlorine bleach to wash the silk blended fabric

Because chlorine bleach is easy to burn silk, so that it can not repair damage, but also may cause flax fiber yellowing and other issues.

Point two: you can use "hydrogen peroxide" to remove silk stains on the blended clothing

Concentration without too much, 3% of the hydrogen peroxide solution can be, 6% of the concentration commonly used in hair care products. Blend Fabric We can then dilute the solution a little bit, the dilution process takes some time. For example, some of the stains on the clothes collar, you can use a spray solution containing hydrogen peroxide solution, spray some hydrogen peroxide to the stains, and then patiently waiting for a little time. Because the solution into the stain inside the need to spend some time, but the effect is very good. This method is suitable for home processing of textiles with natural pigment stains.

Point three: silk blended fabric stains and then rinse with water

Hydrogen peroxide is a mild oxidant, Blend Fabric rinse with water, and usually use this method to remove many stains on the clothes.

Point four: the use of "hydrogen peroxide" to pay attention to matters

Special note is that the use of hydrogen peroxide, the temperature has a higher demand, generally about 80 degrees in the treatment of stains the best results. Therefore, for expensive or with special stains of the service, Blend Fabric the need to combine the type of stains, fabric structure, please have experienced the laundry division.

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