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Why Spandex Fabric Easily Yellowing

Changzhou Haoyuyang Textile Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 09, 2017

  Why spandex fabric easily yellowing

  Spandex fabric is commonly used in our life of fiber varieties, the most prominent feature is good elasticity, and has low fiber size, large modulus of elasticity (rupture elongation up to 400%-800%), small proportion and other advantages. Spandex with wool, cotton, polyester, acrylic, viscose and other textile fiber blends, made of fabric feel soft, elastic, comfortable to wear, is widely used in fitness clothing, swimming suits, jeans, tights, underwear, Siamese clothes, underwear, because women dress up to the intimate requirements, so spandex fabrics are more popular with women.

  For example: Women's most admiringly lace fabrics (including spandex), wearing or placing time long, easy to appear yellowing phenomenon, what is the reason?

  Because the spandex molecule chain contains a large number of amino-like reactive groups, in the High-temperature setting or storage process easily yellowing, affecting the finished product, especially fluorescent whitening fabric and light-colored fabric quality. In order to improve the performance of spandex during spinning, silicone oil lubricants and other additives are used in weaving. These auxiliaries will naturally degrade over time and cause the fibers to yellowing. In addition, spandex fabric itself is not easy to paint, that is, the conventional dye is not allowed to paint spandex, so after the fabric dyeing, reduction and cleaning is inadequate, there will be so-called yellowing phenomenon.

  Black spandex fabric is widely used in apparel fabrics, and in recent years domestic black spandex filament production capacity has been expanding, product performance has been increasing. The black spandex filament spun directly by a special process such as coloring or adding on line, not only has more uniform and lasting black effect, higher color fastness and excellent washable performance, but also eliminates the dyeing process of the fiber, reduces the energy consumption during the dyeing and reduces the environmental pollution.

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